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Type your document (on a computer or tablet)

Hopefully, you've almost finished writing your document. Even if you're not confident about its grammar, structure, etc, check that all of the necessary content is now included.


If you would like Cardiff Proofreading to offer you a free quote on editing your work, select a representative page from the document and prepare it for sending. Saving as a WORD files ( .doc or .docx) is ideal.

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Attach the sample and send it to:

Before we can give a quote for a piece of work, we need to know:


1. How many words (roughly) will the finished document contain?


2. When is your final deadline for completing the document?


Please explain these details in the body of the email / text.


Then send it (with the attachment) to: or use the online form on this website.

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Check the sample. Consider the quote.

There is no obligation to continue with the service after receiving your returned sample and price quote. Give them both some thought. And ask any further questions if you have any.


If you decide to continue, send the final document to the same email address as soon as you've written it. Individual chapters may be sent one-by-one in the case of big documents.


As well as making changes to the documents, we sometimes leave comments. We do this if there's something we're not ready to 'guess' at changing or if it seems there's a need for additional information to be added. So please leave enough time to read these comments (and address them) before making your submission.


If we've made comments, we hope to see a 'final' version that solves the problems they identify. So we look forward to receiving further emails right up to submission time. Remember that you can keep working right up to sumbission time. And we're here to answer any questions relating to the document right up until that moment.   

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When you're satisfied with the service, pay. 

If your work has been submitted, and all your questions answered, it's time to pay. At this point, Cardiff Proofreading will send you an invoice.


There are several payment options available.


One is PayPal - a secure online payment service which is used commonly in conjunction with eBay, etc. To make a PayPal payment, it is necessary to set up a PayPal account. It doesn't take much time to set up. And you don't need to 'add' money to your PayPal account; it can be linked to a bank account. To pay Cardiff Proofreading through PayPal, just send to the email address mentioned in the invoice. This is Cardiff Proofreading's PayPal Account ID.


Another option is a bank transfer. Your own bank's online banking facilities may look different from these. But, if you search for similar terms, you should hopefully be able to find your way through the process.





















It's also possible to pay by cheque (sending a letter to our geographical address) and - if necessary - meeting up in person to exchange cash.


Once the payment has been received, Cardiff Proofreading will send you a receipt - which can be used for making expenses claims, etc.


The invoice that we send you includes all of the details needed for making such payments, including our HMRC self employment ID, bank details, geographical address, etc.