Cardiff Proofreading is the name of a service we’ve been running for over 12 years. Clients come back to us repeatedly because we help make their work error-free, easy to understand and – most of all – impressive to read.


We come from a background that includes university lecturing, journalistic and literary experience. And we've prooread a huge variety of works across a variety of disciplines (as you can see below).


Three years ago, we were boasting that we’d served clients from every continent of the world. Since then, we've actually seen even greater demand.


There seems to be an increasing need for a service that can make a document’s English perfect. Computer software is still decades away from achieving this. And a human service has the additional advantage of answering questions and helping the writer to focus their attention in future writing.


We’ve settled on a system for accepting new work with new clients that is explained in this website. The system has the advantage of clarifying our duties at the beginning of a project. We have had very few problems despite working with so many people.


We work outside an agency because it offers us greater flexibility and lowers our costs.


It is our hope that this website offers as much information as you need to understand our services and practices. Please have a look through the Frequently Asked Questions below and our blog. And please send any further questions to our email box.




When is the best time to send you my work?

Can you help with the word count?

You charge by the word. So, when you add more words, are you increasing your fee?

Can you guarantee I get a good score for this piece of work?

I don’t have a PayPal account

I don’t know how to do a bank transfer

Will you write my essay for me?

Will you help my essay pass a plagiarism check like Turnitin?

Why did you send me my essay with this messy spider’s web of amendments?

I won’t actually be in the UK while writing this essay. Can you still help?

You say you offer research consultation services. How does that work?

If I contact you, how soon will you reply?

I’m a native speaker of English. Will you charge me the same rate as foreign students?

Everything on this website looks like it’s for students. Are all your clients students?

By ‘removing mistakes’, will you will spoil the true meaning of my words?

I’m worried that, because you’re not an expert in my subject, you may not be able to match the style my department expects.

I’m worried that this service is against my University’s rules.

Do you have an ESI Reference Number?

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Client Testimonies

     I'm very impressed with how you've edited my work, so much so that I've passed your details to my friend who'd like to use your services!       - Amena, Cardiff



     Thanks. I appreciate your help. You have increased my motivation.       - Eunice, Cardiff



     Thanks very much for editing my journal article. At that moment I didn't think I'll meet the deadline. Good work and feedback.       - Jahid, Cardiff



     I'm very satisfied with the professional way of editing and commenting. I like the fact that you comment on ambiguous sentences, which alerts me to rewrite them in a clearer way.       - Abdul, Cardiff



     Thanks, You're a Life Saver!       - Abbie, Cardiff









Selected List of Assignments

PhD Proofreading (a summary):

The Development of the Welsh Country House (2015, Cardiff University)

The Role of IT Systems in Determining Working Practices in a Middle Eastern Airline (2015, Cardiff University)

Civil Association and International Society. Michael Oakeshott's Political Philosophy of International Relations (2014, Cardiff University)


The relationship between personality disorder and perceptions of attractiveness and personality (2013, Cardiff University)


Fostering Collective Responsibility for Online Collaborative Inquiry Discourse

through Principle-based Innovation among Chinese Undergraduate Students (2012,

Hong Kong University)


Writing for Periodicals:


Columnist for The Nanjinger – Since 2014. Writing the monthly article Strainer – a Chinese Tea Guide for ex-pat and international readers.


Founding and editing Relish Magazine at Beijing’s University of Postage and Telecommunications (2006), editing articles/columns for ELL – China’s best-selling magazine in English (2005-2010).


Writing for Broadcasting:


Afan FM (as News Editor, 2009), The Wave (as Reporter, 2008), China Radio International (2007), India DVD (2006 – volunteering for MM, Vijayawada, starting up a video production facility).  

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